giovedì 11 settembre 2014

A car in Venice?

This is not the first time I see a car in Venice...but this is the first time I see a publicity about car in it a new communication strategy of VW....or they want to change the rules?

giovedì 19 giugno 2014

A new swimming pool in Venice!

I think you don't need a tour to know where is this new swimming pool!
I think I'll never try this new attraction...

If you want to know more about "acqua alta" phenomen and how this affects the life of venetians come to our tours! You can't read it on the books!

lunedì 16 giugno 2014

List of free walking tours around the world

Here a detailed list of free tour around the word!  

lunedì 9 giugno 2014

Photo of the day!

The Vogalonga in Canal de Cannaregio!

Discover and enjoy the real Venice with!